The Dragon Slaying Generation

The fact is that all children in America, in the year 2013, are playing video games.  We live in a world of technology at our fingertips.  We live in a world where babies have iPads and six year olds have cell phones. I think it’s safe to say that we cannot stop these children from discovering, and actually enjoying, violent video games.  So, if we can’t take the violence out of the video games, why don’t we put the education in?

As many reasons somebody tells me why video games are bad for children, I can offer the same amount for why they are good.  Video games encourage language and literacy skills.  Video games also allows children to explore their imagination, learn certain valuable life skills, as well as provides knowledge in subjects such as math, history and science.  Yes, there is violence in these games, but there is also so much more.  Take the video game away for the children, you’re left with violent TV shows, movies, imaginative play and even books! Why not control what we can? That is, give them what they want while sneaking in those educational opportunities! Let us create a violent video game about the American Revolution loaded with historical facts and rich language.  Then let us test those children on their knowledge of the American Revolution. I could bet that this dragon slaying generation would know a lot more about it then we ever expected!Image