When I was a child the best piece of technology I owned was a razor cell phone. It flipped open, had a sleek design, and offered a free trial for a car racing game. I sat in class texting my friends, playing mindless (un-educational) games, and changing the background on my phone… A few years into high school the “smart phone” was introduced to my generation, and we were hooked. We now had unlimited access to the internet,  every social media cite, countless apps and games to keep us occupied for 25 out of the 24 hours in a day! The schools response was outdated and boring, “No phones in school!” They were stuck in their ways and unable to see all the great opportunities they had to connect with the students! Every students full attention was at their finger tips while the teachers were demanding them to look up at a boring, old white board.

I believe Patrick Larkin has the right idea of what education of the future should look like.  He gave his entire high school body ipads to use throughout their years at the school.  This opened up countless opportunities for learning, connecting, and changing the old-school education system into a fresh-faced, technology friendly learning environment.  Technology is the future, today’s students are the future, why not connect?


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