What Do We Do When Privacy Becomes Myth?


How can you feel at ease when a digital forensics and data security expert says to you, “internet privacy and protection is a MYTH”?  … When he tells you he has explored countless cases where children have been vulnerably exposing themselves to a much bigger and scarier world then Instagram and Twitter? … When we find out our fifth graders are bullying each other on Facebook, our 4th graders are putting pictures of their houses on their public Instagram, or when our 3rd graders are tweeting provocative pictures of themselves for anyone looking at “#selfie”? … #WAITWHAT? #STOPTHERE

Of course the first thing that comes to our minds is stop it, block it, take the big bad internet away from them!  The fact is, we just can’t do that. The internet is in their schools, in their homes, or sitting in their pockets. Protection is a myth, instead we must teach, monitor, and trust our children to use the internet for good not evil!



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